Here is a selection of my rhyming stories for kids.

The Wannabe

I was watching the horse races live on TV
When I realized just what I wanted to be:
A champion jockey with wind-beaten skin
Who gallops from win to spectacular win.

I was already blessed with a fairly small size
And danger and recklessness burned in my eyes.
Just one trifle remained: I had yet to acquire
A race jockey’s proper athletic attire.     

I needed a jacket, a custom design,
The colors and cloth had to dazzle and shine!
So I ransacked the closets throughout the whole house
Until I discovered my mom’s satin blouse.

Its color was perfect: an eye-popping pink.
I snipped off the collar and cuffs in a blink.
Then I grabbed a gold spray can and stenciled on lots
Of blazingly beautiful diamonds and dots.                                  

I needed a good pair of breeches in white–
So I tried on Dad’s long johns, they fit me just right.
I threw on his stinky green gardening boots
And a dive mask from one of his aqualung suits.                  

For lack of a helmet I flaunted instead
A stainless steel kitchen pot over my head.
A long-handled cooking spoon served as my whip
And some dishwashing gloves helped to strengthen my grip.    

My professional racewear at last was complete.
I could now join the ranks of the sporting elite.
When I checked in the mirror, I sure looked the part:
A genuine horseman, so dapper, so smart!

I’d forgotten however to take in account
The critical fact that I still had no mount.
Then it dawned on me suddenly under my mask
That my mastiff perhaps might be up to the task…

I renamed my new runner “Grand Admiral Smug”
And I saddled him up with a shaggy old rug.
He looked like a thoroughbred, noble and sleek,
And I hopped on his back with a jubilant shriek.                

Although I was instantly thrown to the floor
I felt like a glorious champ all the more.
So by way of a prize I awarded myself
The stone statuette from the fireplace shelf.