The Invisible Bully 

When I woke up this morning I happened by chance
To throw at the mirror a sleepy-eyed glance.
And before I could properly finish my yawn
I noticed with shock: my reflection was gone!               

I kept staring and squinting, although it was clear
That my twin in the mirror would fail to appear.
It seemed like some magical fairy or sprite
Had turned me invisible during the night!                     

I broke out in tears, I was deeply distressed,
But I realized soon just how much I’d been blessed.
For I now had the chance to indulge all my whims
And a rush of excitement spread out through my limbs.                      

I had faded from sight, but could now get away
With the craziest pranks that I ever could play!
I just hoped that the magic would not come undone
Before I had relished the maximum fun!                           

The first thing I did was to take off my clothes
And to bury two fingers real deep in my nose.
Then I smeared all the walls with my boogers and snot –
I couldn’t be seen, so I couldn’t get caught!                                        

From my mama’s pink orchids I pulled out each bloom
And I scattered them wildly throughout the whole room.
Then I smashed all the vases in front of her eyes
And delighted to hear her hysterical cries.

Then I emptied the trashcan right over my dad.
He swung at the air and went stark raving mad.
I pulled his pajama pants down to his feet
And I laughed as he stumbled away in retreat.            

My sister was next, I disheveled her hair
And I tickled her toes till she screamed with despair.
Then I poured a whole bottle of ketchup on her
As she helplessly sobbed in her teddy bear’s fur.

Then I frightened our dog with my bodiless voice.
He whimpered and yelped, did I ever rejoice!
I threw a white bed sheet on top of the hound
And just like a ghost he went spooking around.                       

My parents by now were completely freaked out
And my sis made the saddest tomato sauce pout.
I admit that I felt a slight twinge of remorse –
I’m a well-brought up boy, not a monster of course.

The tricks that I’d pulled were so cruel and bizarre,
I knew I had taken my mischief too far.
I deserved to be punished, I had to come clean,
And at last I decided to make myself seen.       

So I grabbed the dog’s bed sheet and started to drape
My invisible body to give it some shape.
“Come get me, I’m here!” I brazenly yelled,
And the next thing I knew, I was tackled and held.

Then the sheet was abruptly removed from my head
And I found myself tossing and sweating in bed.
All my loved ones surrounded me, looking concerned…
I had suffered a nightmare, I finally learned.