Until recently I had restricted myself to “grown-up” art. But now I’ve also begun creating children’s illustrations. Kids’ art is extraordinarily fun and illuminating. With its innocent charm, it offers a glimpse of the hidden harmony that unites us all. It stimulates the imaginations of young minds and inspires them with the curiosity and courage to go out, explore new worlds, and find new friends. In my illustrations I search for, and often find, beauty. I paint people and animals and, by extension, life, in all its contradictions. I either tell the truth, as I see it, or shamelessly indulge my fantasies, but with equal honesty. No matter whom I depict, whether a goat or goatherd, my work always somehow ends up being about myself. My brushstrokes and colors are a direct visualization of my soul.

My illustration technique is a softer, cuter version of my fine art painting technique. I work economically, simplifying and stylizing my shapes and seeking to achieve cheerful color harmonies. I illustrate for all ages and specialize in children’s characters and anthropomorphic animals, as well as multicultural, ethnic, and historical themes.